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Custom 2004 Dodge Ram Dualie – Texas Two Step

Sometimes, custom trucks end up being created by accident because the owner took a truck they never intended on modifying and went crazy with ideas and their checkbook. Alfredo Diaz of Houston, Texas, is one such enthusiast who originally purchased this ’04 diesel-powered Dodge Crew Cab dualie to haul parts for his machine shop.
The truck was a daily driver until Alfredo bolted up a one-off set of 24-inch wheels. Once the rollers were on and the truck was looking decent, the project snowballed from there, and Alfredo had a show truck on his hands. The dualie has become Alfredo’s main extracurricular automotive focus-and with good reason. This truck is used to showcase the machining capabilities of Alfredo’s company, Dima Wheels.

Read more: http://www.trucktrend.com/cool-trucks/0612st-2004-dodge-ram-dualie/#ixzz3dlf6RZvP

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